A Nuclear Perspective

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A Brief Look at Why MOX is the System of Choice in the Nuclear Industry

Quality, Safety, Security

MOX has its roots in legacy systems that were developed almost 25 years ago specifically to meet the rigid quality standards applicable to the nuclear industry.  Today, a significant number of our clients operate nuclear power plants and MOX is still the preferred metrology system in the nuclear industry and wherever quality and accuracy are mission critical.

The nuclear enterprise stands on a quality-safety-security foundation for which metrology plays a critical role in business success and regulatory compliance. By underpinning not only quality products and processes, but also safety and security instrumentation, high-quality metrology stabilizes the nuclear-operations foundation.

With state-of-the art features, MOX solves the challenge of high-quality metrology at low compliance cost. MOX achieves win-win, low-risk, low-cost results by applying automation, integration, technical excellence, and fine-grained quality control across the enterprise to metrology management, engineering, and workbench processes. This approach produces correct, defensible results without quality-compromising shortcuts.

MOX features the most advanced metrology engineering and automation tools available to meet stringent requirements in the highly scrutinized nuclear industry.  Combining high-power quality controls, measurement data analyses, measurement-quality metrics, and process automation, MOX delivers a complete technical metrology solution for the nuclear enterprise.

MOX Feature Snapshot for the Nuclear Enterprise

Nuclear Enterprise Support

  • ERP integration
  • configuration management and revision control
  • records retention
  • audit reports for assessments
  • risk-management and corrective-action support
  • calculable instrument specifications of any complexity
  • advanced uncertainty analysis in reusable models
  • TUR, guardband, and measurement-decision risk calculation
  • historical measurement data analysis
  • calibration interval analysis at the instrument and test-point levels
  • fine-grained reverse traceability to pinpoint out-of-tolerance impacts
  • as-designed and as-measured uncertainty budgets by test point for assessments
  • calibration procedures and measurement requirements instantly at hand
  • automated calibration and data acquisition
  • automated calibration-quality validations
  • quality-controlled measurement standards substitution

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